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Participation of CINOP / NICHE project at e-learning Africa conference in Kigali.

The 13th International e-learning Africa Conference, organised by ICWE GmbH, hosted by the Government of Rwanda and held in Kigali from 26 – 28 september.
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Study Visit to the Netherlands Contributes to Capacity Development in Ghanian Agro TVET Colleges

With these new insights the Ghanaian delegation continues with their efforts to modernize their agricultural practices through the use of business-like approaches, foster food security, and to increase production and a healthy business climate.
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CINOP Global starts large integral EU project for vocational training sector Morocco

Together with two strategic French partners, Egis International/Forhom (consortium-lead) and Institutions et Développement, CINOP Global will support the reform of the vocational training sector in Morocco through capacity building actions, conducting studies, organizing communication activities, strengthening planning and governance sector.
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Bulgaria to implement National Qualification Framework in Vocational Education and Training with support of CINOP Global

The overall objective of this project is to make the Bulgarian VET system more relevant to labour market and societal needs. CINOP supports the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science, NAVET and relevant stakeholders to regularly adapt the List of Professions in VET and the State Educational Requirements/Standards by improving capacity and tools.  
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South Africa and the Netherlands sustain cooperation in vocational education

South Africa and the Netherlands have worked together intensively on improving technical and vocational education and training sector (TVET) since 2006. In the coming year DHET is continuing investments in the developed systems. The new phase, building on the success of previous projects, will be implemented by CINOP Global, a Dutch research and consultancy agency specialised in TVET, lifelong learning, and HR development.
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Study visit to the Netherlands NICHE-SSD-162

Visiting Netherlands for the first time was such an eye opening experience especially in regard to the water sector where we got to visit CIV Water and Wetsus research centres.
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N&MC and CINOP The Netherlands initiated a new 4-years project on improved ICT based licensing examination

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (N&MC) of Ghana together with a consortium composed by CINOP Global and Advisory Services (The Netherlands) and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST, Ghana) have initiated a four-year project to strengthen the capacity of N&MC to conduct licensing examination through the use of advanced ICT solutions.

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Mali delegation in the Netherlands

CINOP welcomed a very important delegation from Mali at its headquarters in Den Bosch on the 16th of February 2016. The Secretary General of the ministry of Higher Education of Mali was leading the 10 members strong delegation. A representative of the World Bank in Mali was also involved in this working visit. 
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Democracy in the Netherlands learning experience for Bhutanese

“The way how the Dutch draft regulation and legislation is a good practice for our parliamentary system. The coming months we are going to make an action plan to realize the lessons learned”, says the leader of the delegation from Bhutanese members of the National Council Secretariat during the finalization of the study visit on 29 January 2016. 
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CINOP Global won two NICHE-tenders in Benin early December 2015.

The first one concerns a project oriented to sexual and reproductive health for teachers of secondary schools in Benin (NICHE/BEN/239) and the second tender is about a project aiming at  the strengthening of academic capacities of  lecturers of the National Institute Medico Sanitaire in Cotonou / Benin (NICHE/BEN/267).
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Training of DFP trainee teachers

Since 2011 CINOP Global is responsible for the development and implementation of the training at the Dairy and Food Polytechnic (DFP) in Kharj, Saudi Arabia. The training at DFP lasts for 2 ½ years, including on the job training (internships). The first batch of trainees has graduated in May 2014. Out of all the graduates (about 100) six were selected for further training in the Netherlands, in order to become members of the teaching staff in the future. The teacher training in the Netherlands had two main components: 1) technical upgrading in the specialisations at DFP (animal production and maintenance and repair, and 2) the learning of didactical (teaching) skills. The training will upgrade them from EQF 3 to EQF level 4,
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CINOP builds capacity of nursing and midwifery staff of N&MC

At the 1st of september 2014 the activity of the TMT project in Ghana started. Participants of the training program are management staff of the Nursing and Midwifery Council in Ghana; management of headquarters and from 9 regional offices. Special about this TMT is the fact that it is a blended learning project. Blended learning is not common (yet) in Ghana and therefor a challenge for the participants. Nevertheless, 80% of the participants are active on the electronic learning environment and results of the training are already visible already during daily work at the offices. Please find more information here.
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Learning about livestock in South Sudan

On the 21st of July, 12 students started the 9 months course ‘General Livestock Extension Service Provider’ (GLESP) organised by Marial Lou Livestock Training Centre (MLLTC). Whereas existing training courses of MLLTC focused on animal health only, this training course focuses on animal production. The certificate programme will be accredited in order to have a recognised certificate, giving opportunity to find employment easily or to proceed education. Student Mary Poni Chaplain is grateful to have the chance to join this training programme: “We give thanks for the struggle to realise an educational programme like this. We want to develop our nation and this training is contributing to the wellbeing of the peop
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A thrilling challenge: NICHE/MLI/215

Last August, CINOP Global won the tender of the NICHE/MLI/215 project. Being granted this large higher education governance project was a huge performance considering the fierce competition the tender entailed.
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E-learning program for Nursing and Midwifery Council Ghana

Cooperation between CINOP Global and the Nursing and Midwifery Council in Ghana goes back to 2011. Cooperation has been established from the first start of the NICHE/GHA/102 project (implemented in the Northern region of Ghana) in which the N&MC is a very active and supportive stakeholder. At this moment the Nursing & Midwifery Council staff benefits from a training conducted by CINOP Global.
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