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In this project, CINOP encourages Baraka Agricultural College (BAC) to develop new or revised competence based curricula and to become a (financially) sustainable training centre. 
Indonesia needs to improve its capacity to draft provincial regulations (Perda). The decentralised governance structure leads to legal coherence problems between national and local law
Strengthening ISPT's capacity for the provision of competent professionals for the mining sector
CINOP Global  CINOP Global believes that every individual has unique talents and has the absolute right to proper education. At school, at home, seeking a job, or at work: for us, learning does not stop after initial education. Every day people may develop their skills, be it in a formal, non-formal or informal manner.
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CINOP Global carries out various projects concerning the improvement of TVET in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Rwanda, Colombia, Bhutan and Afghanistan.
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