CINOP Global
Country: Ghana
Duration: 2017-2021
Client: Kwadaso College | Ohawu College | Ejura College | Damongo College
Partner: Ghanaian University of Science and Technology (Faculty of Agriculture) | HAS University | Q-point | Quente Africa
Donor: Nuffic
Programme: NICHE-GHA-270

Strengthening the capacity of four colleges of Agriculture

The project contributes to food-security through modernization of the agricultural sector, increased production and improved business climate.

With this project the 4 Agricultural Colleges in Ghana: Kwadaso, Ohawu, Ejura and Damongo College aim to become Centres of Excellence in agriculture and agribusiness training in Ghana by strengthening their educational and organizational capacity to deliver male and female graduates that meet labour market and gender needs (“the outcome of this project”). The overall goal is to improve Food Security in Ghana.

The following 5 outputs have been identified to achieve that goal and outcome, increasing self-employment and job creation of graduates of the agricultural colleges:
Output 1.1. Institutional and organizational strengthening
Output 1.2. Staff capacity enhancement
Output 1.3. Business oriented Competency Based Education and Training (B-CBET) and curriculum development
Output 1.4. Training resources/ investments
Output 1.5. Business development and entrepreneurship

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