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Establishing a Centre of Excellence on Sustainable Beekeeping and Honey Processing in Kenya – a Sweet Endeavor for Smallholders and Rural Development


Kenya, a country with a developing apiculture sector, is taking a new step towards the sustainable development of beekeeping and processing. Together with CINOP, Baraka Agricultural College is developing a nationally accredited and modular competency based curriculum, designed to offer TVET learners quality education to take the Kenyan apiculture sector to a next level.

The project is aiming at practical impact on rural development as there are mostly smallholders in the value chain amongst which many women and young people. The modular and short-course nature of the curriculum is particularly designed to suit their needs, as they often lack the resources or the time to engage in formal training. The curriculum is based on a several different analyses on topics such as; situational apiculture, value chain, labour market needs, entrepreneurship needs, and skills gaps. The results of which, were validated during curriculum revision workshops with key stakeholders.

 Within the project, government, education and the private sector are coming together to revise and implement the existing national agricultural curriculum of Baraka Agricultural College. A Sector Skills Advisory Committee (SSAC) was involved  to support the process of curriculum accreditation. In general, the SSAC contributes to coordination, research, training and education, work-integrated learning, the development of industry standards, and collaboration between training providers and industry.

In the next phase the project will proceed with the development of the necessary learning materials to support the curriculum, training of trainers will be performed to ensure ownership and dissemination, and assessment centers are established to uphold the quality of what is taught.

For more information on the project, Sustainable Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, or Curriculum Design, you are welcome to contact Mr. Hans Maltha, Project Director, at



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