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Study Visit to the Netherlands Contributes to Capacity Development in Ghanian Agro TVET Colleges

With these new insights the Ghanaian delegation continues with their efforts to modernize their agricultural practices through the use of business-like approaches, foster food security, and to increase production and a healthy business climate.

Capacity development is key in the cooperation between CINOP and its clients. In June the delegation of four colleges of four Agro TVET Colleges (Kwadaso, EJura, Ohawu, and Damongo Agricultural College) from Ghana were invited for a 7-day visit as an important step in their capacity building process. This NICHE project was implemented by CINOP (Nuffic/NICHE/GHA270) in collaboration with Q-Point, HAS and Quente Ghana. The study visits to the Netherlands, were aimed to expose partners to best practices in the field of Agricultural Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in various parts of the country.

During this visit excursions to highly professional (educational) institutes and companies in the agricultural sector contributed to the growth of professional development, displayed innovative teaching methods such as competence based learning (CBET), highlighted the need for strong relationships between partners – the labor market- and education, and functioned as an inspiration for innovation, ideas, and business development.

Good practices, incubation labs, private sector partnerships, design thinking, entrepreneurship, training simulations and institutions such as poultry, potato, dairy and fruit farms, have been great contributors to the success of the trip. The visits have proved to be extremely fruitful as Kwadoso College is intending to start their own Catfish and Tilapia farm after seeing one in Nederweert, and Damongo College was inspired by the mushroom farm in Horst.

With these new insights the Ghanaian delegation continues with their efforts to modernize their agricultural practices through the use of business-like approaches, foster food security, and to increase production and a healthy business climate. The 4 colleges have agreed to change into more entrepreneurial agro colleges. They aim to do this by implementing this in their own operations and by stimulating students and fresh graduates to incubate their own farm related businesses for commodities present in the value chain of their regions.

CINOP is grateful it was able to give the delegation more insights in the Dutch way of practice oriented agro education and will continue to facilitate business orientation for the rest of the project.
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