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Study visit to the Netherlands NICHE-SSD-162

Visiting Netherlands for the first time was such an eye opening experience especially in regard to the water sector where we got to visit CIV Water and Wetsus research centres.

I was very much captivated by the programme that encourages and mentors youth to join water technology related careers; that starts from primary school level. Living in Den Bosch for a week was a lovely experience where a typical outing in town for me and my colleagues could just be made of window shopping since there are so many shopping areas to visit. CINOP staff members are welcoming and they made us feel at home more especially when we had our tea and lunch breaks from our planned meetings. We also got chance to visit The Hague as we had meeting at Nuffic office. It was good experience to be in a team whose goal and commitment is to support building of capacity in the developing countries.  The boat ride at the city of Amsterdam crowned our visit where we got to know a lot of history of the Netherlands and its people.    

By Martha Keega
WASH NICHE Project - South Sudan

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