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CINOP Global won two NICHE-tenders in Benin early December 2015.

The first one concerns a project oriented to sexual and reproductive health for teachers of secondary schools in Benin (NICHE/BEN/239) and the second tender is about a project aiming at  the strengthening of academic capacities of  lecturers of the National Institute Medico Sanitaire in Cotonou / Benin (NICHE/BEN/267).

NICHE/BEN/239 (€ 1,000,000): in primary and secondary schools in Benin, a number of sexual and reproductive health issues and sexual rights were identified. These include prevalence of STI / HIV / AIDS, unwanted pregnancies and complications of induced abortions,  sex trade, sexual violence, deficit of knowledge and information about sexuality, difficulties of access to services and products (contraception, protection), abuse and ill-treatment, sexual harassment, etc. This situation constitutes a serious problem to the country's development ambitions.
The Consortium composed of CINOP Global, Rutger Foundation, the Grand Cru & Walo (a theatre dance group), and the Benin Association  for Family Planning (ABPF) developed an offer for 4 years around two major axes that all work together for the improvement of sexual health, sexual rights and fairness to both the 3 ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieur) and 6 ENI (Ecole Normale des Instituteurs) . The two major axes are :
• the development and institutionalization of sexual health education, sexual rights in the ENS (and ENI) for the benefit of all their teachers (curriculum SRHR);
• taking gender into account, including SRHR in policies and strategies, governance, staffing, curriculum, learning activities, teaching and research, service provision, community life of ENS (and ENI) in general and especially in relation to the theme of sexual health and sexual rights, etc. (gender).

NICHE/BEN/267 (€ 2,800,000):  the National Institute Medico- Sanitaire, a training school for nurses and midwifes has started a new training course at Master level in 2015. The Institute, already supported by CINOP Global for another NICHE project (NICHE/BEN/184), has a very limited number of lecturers with the required level to teach students at Bachelor and/or Master level in Nursery or Midwifery.
The Consortium composed of CINOP Global, LAVAL University in Canada and IAFPRESS in Bamako / Mali will, with the NICHE project funds , strengthen the capacity of individual lecturers by facilitating the studies of 13 lecturers at MSc level and 7 at PhD level in the needed fields of expertise. The project will also develop a research program and allocate some funds for implementation. At last, the project will strengthen the Insititute’s capacities on gender issues and foster the establishment of partnerships with regional and international institutions in Nursery and Midwifery Training.


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