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Training of DFP trainee teachers

Since 2011 CINOP Global is responsible for the development and implementation of the training at the Dairy and Food Polytechnic (DFP) in Kharj, Saudi Arabia. The training at DFP lasts for 2 ½ years, including on the job training (internships). The first batch of trainees has graduated in May 2014. Out of all the graduates (about 100) six were selected for further training in the Netherlands, in order to become members of the teaching staff in the future. The teacher training in the Netherlands had two main components: 1) technical upgrading in the specialisations at DFP (animal production and maintenance and repair, and 2) the learning of didactical (teaching) skills. The training will upgrade them from EQF 3 to EQF level 4,
Januari 2015
Authors: Raisa van Winden (CINOP Advies) and Jan van den Hoogen (CINOP Global)

The first training period in the Netherlands was from September to November 2014. The major part of the training took place at AOC Groenhorst College in Barneveld, and regarded the upgrading in animal production and agricultural technology. In addition, the trainees received an introductory course in teaching and learning. The programme’s focus was on work-based instruction combining theory and practical skills training.


In order to get a better understanding of the Dutch TVET system, the trainees learnt more about the Dutch school system and visited some Dutch vocational colleges (AOC Groenhorst, ROC A12). During the excursions the trainees observed the practical skills training in TVET in the Netherlands, and the role of the teacher in organizing the learning process in vocational training.

Activating teaching methods have been introduced in order to learn how to organize learning by doing and how to engage students in learning about the ‘real’ thing; after all, learning is most effective in case students have an active role in their own learning process and combine theory and practical skills learning in real life situations. With this in mind the students had to make a lesson plan including lesson objectives, contents of the lesson and the most effective teaching and learning methods, a challenging exercise, and good learning experience!

Planning is one thing, the actual teaching another. Henceforth, at the beginning of the week they had been asked to prepare a so called micro - lesson in order to give the lesson of some 20 minutes later during the week (micro teaching). Although nervous about teaching their fellow trainees and being videotaped as well, they all did very well and learnt from the feedback they got! Besides the actual teaching, they also learnt how to give feedback to each other, and how to help each other by providing suggestions for improvement. During the next period in the Netherlands they will learn more about the teaching job in order for them to further develop their teaching skills as part of the teacher training program. During teaching practice at DFP they will apply the learnt teaching skills the first months of 2015, to come back to the Netherlands for further training in April 2015.
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