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E-learning program for Nursing and Midwifery Council Ghana

Cooperation between CINOP Global and the Nursing and Midwifery Council in Ghana goes back to 2011. Cooperation has been established from the first start of the NICHE/GHA/102 project (implemented in the Northern region of Ghana) in which the N&MC is a very active and supportive stakeholder. At this moment the Nursing & Midwifery Council staff benefits from a training conducted by CINOP Global.
During a couple of months, CINOP Global and NMC has been able to develop and submit a joint TMT proposal to Nuffic which was chosen for a grant. The project objective is:
‘For NMC to acquire improved capacity forstrategic management, re-viewing existing standards, procedures and regulations, development of ICT system in view of designing and implementing their role as critical partner for the government and service provider for their clients.”
It is an ambitious project, innovative for a TMT project as well, since the training will be implemented through blended learning. It’s maybe not the first blended learning NFP-TMT since history, but others could not be traced.
We all know that blended learning depends on availability of laptops, smooth internet connection and highly motivated learners willing to learn through an electronic learning environment (Moodle).
It is proven already that all learners in this training are very motivated, even the ones who have never been able to study through blended learning.
Two days before the physical introduction of the training, 19 out of 27 learners were able to upload their profile on the elo already!
And still continuously activities are going on at the platform; learners upload articles, are active on the forum, give feedback to each other and upload their assignments. Trainers and learners would like to make this project a best practice. First steps are taken.
Contact person: Marina de Bie
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