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Learning about livestock in South Sudan

On the 21st of July, 12 students started the 9 months course ‘General Livestock Extension Service Provider’ (GLESP) organised by Marial Lou Livestock Training Centre (MLLTC). Whereas existing training courses of MLLTC focused on animal health only, this training course focuses on animal production. The certificate programme will be accredited in order to have a recognised certificate, giving opportunity to find employment easily or to proceed education. Student Mary Poni Chaplain is grateful to have the chance to join this training programme: “We give thanks for the struggle to realise an educational programme like this. We want to develop our nation and this training is contributing to the wellbeing of the peop
The country just celebrated its 3rd birthday. But is there something to celebrate? Since December 2013, South Sudan is in a crisis situation with about 80,000 people being displaced. The crisis increased food insecurity and a cholera epidemic hit the country. School attendance rates are among the lowest in the world. In Marial Lou, Warrap State, cattle raiding is still prevalent and the area is not considered safe. Hence, MLLTC decided to implement the new training at the Crop Training Centre (CTC) Yei. Through the project, MLLTC was able to overcome many challenges;securing scholarships for the students, improving infrastructure and capacity building of teaching staff. At least this is one big milestone in a challenging environment.

Wek Wek Tinkeya, a student of the new GLESP curriculum, comes from ‘boma’ Atukuel in Warrap State. The majority of people in his community keep cattle, which is perceived as their ‘bank’. Wek Wek was selected to attend the Animal Health Auxiliary course at MLLTC in 1996, which was focused on the eradication of rinderpest, an infectious viral disease of cattle. After finishing this programme, he trained animal health workers to give the cattle vaccinations. All those efforts resulted in the eradication of rinderpest in 2006. Wek Wek also attended the stock person course at MLLTC in 2006. Through all those training programmes he was promoted from supervisor of the payam to state- and later national level; he even attended livestock coordination meetings in Kenya and Ethiopia. Wek Wek is very happy to attend this 9 months course now. “The focus of the programme changed from animal health to animal production with chances for economic growth. People in Warrap State are willing to change their way of living in order to be more economically successful.” After finishing the training, Wek Wek would like to start a poultry or dairy farm in Kwajok, where he will not only focus on production but also on processing.

The new training is part of a NUFFIC project with the overall objective “To strengthen the capacity of MLFI and MLLTC to enable effective agricultural extension contributing to improved agriculture management and production in South Sudan.” The project is implemented by CINOP Global, in a consortium with PTC+ and AOC Council. The last year of the project will be focused on guaranteeing sustainability of the training centre to ensure quality livestock trainingin the newest country in the world. Wek Wek: “The tutors adapted a new way of teaching; now we have student centred learning”.
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