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Needs analysis for Transport & Logistics education in Colombia

A cup of coffee, clothes made from cotton or a bunch of roses;
Good chance that all those products are imported from Colombia. Both import from and export to Colombia is increasing and the Transport & logistics (T&L) is a growth sector for Colombia providing employment in harbours, airports and transport companies. This year, SENA, the Colombian public institution that provides social and technical vocational education for secondary school graduates as well as workers, signed a Covenant for cooperation with CINOP to conduct a training needs analysis for the centres in the transport and logistics sector in Colombia. CINOP already cooperates several years with the SENA centre in Villavicencio as part of a NUFFIC NICHE project and was partner in an exchange visit to the Netherlands and a training programme transport & logistics instructors, together with the Shipping and Transport College (STC).

The needs analysis focuses on 3 SENA training centres in the T&L sector: Bogotá, Cartagena and Buenaventura. CINOP cooperates in this project again with STC providing the technical expertise. The consultants implemented at each centre a DACUM session and self-assessment to identify the competency gaps in transport, logistics, ports. In addition, a SWOT analysis was conducted on different levels and the facilities for teaching and learning were inspected. Based on the need-analysis CINOP and STC provided recommendations for SENA to improve the quality of the transport and logistics education in order to transform them in centres of expertise.

The recommendations should lead to improvement of the provision of SENA’s educational programmes and contribute to employment and sustainability in Colombia.
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