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The NICHE/GHA/102 project: report mid-term evaluation

The NICHE/GHA/102 project started September 1st 2011 with the inception phase, there after the implementation period started on February 1st 2012.
Since February 2012 many activities have taken place. Instrumental for the success of the project is that the selected NTCs and MTCs run cost-effective programs for the training – including practical programs - of diploma level nurses and midwives. 
The focus in 2012 was on the management of the NTC’s and MTS’s: workshops to improve management and education, stakeholders meeting, monitoring activities.
In 2013 attention is given to train staff, tutors, librarians, preceptors and/or clinicians. The approach needed for this target group was: Training of Teachers (ToT).
Through this approach, a core group is created on teaching and learning, as focal persons in the colleges for innovation of teaching and learning. This focal group is able to train their colleagues at the colleges and even in the future this group can give training to others, as such generating income. Also preceptors and/or clinicians is trained to tutor the students in practice.

In the beginning of 2014 a mid-term evaluation of the project took place with the objective to  investigate state of affairs of the actual implementation of the planned outputs in the period under consideration, getting to know to what extent the effects of the project outputs  and outcomes (so far) are visible in the day to day practices of the colleges.
Key words within this evaluation: learning from experience, transparency, deepening understanding and improved communication.
The results of the mid-term evaluation will be used to improve the future performance of the project.

Click here for the report mid-term evaluation NICHE/GHA/102.
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