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Greenhouse gains: education and food security in South Sudan

CINOP global is active in 2 NUFFIC funded projects in the newest country in the World: South Sudan. Those projects bear many challenges; the accreditation of a new curriculum with the absence of an accreditation body, being stuck in the mud for more than a week, a lack of funds for scholarships and the current tense political situation. Nevertheless we want to have good results, motivated by the tremendous passion of our partners from South Sudan.
In the projects that we are implementing is always a budget included for procurement of teaching and learning materials. In the case of Marial Lou Livestock Training Centre we spend most of the money on one precondition: accommodation for teachers and (female) students. However, we would like to establish a demonstration farm.  This can be a way to generate extra income for the school and the students, but also patients of the nearby hospital can be supplied with safe and healthy food. Due to the climate it is impossible to grow vegetables outside and this is why we would like to construct a greenhouse. Students can also learn how they can grow vegetables in the controlled environment of the greenhouse.
In order to generate money for the greenhouse we would like to use a new innovative method: crowdsourcing! We cooperate with the 1% club; a Dutch Foundation with the motto: share a little, change the world.
Check the whole project description at: and support to make the greenhouse in South Sudan possible!
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