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Northern Ghana is deprived in a number of ways in comparison with the South...
Saudi Arabia
The policy of the King of Saudi Arabia is to promote vocational and professional training for the youth at all levels...
Republic of South Sudan
South Sudan is among the poorest regions in the world...
CINOP Global  CINOP Global focuses on improving TVET, especially in developing countries. "High quality vocational education and training is essential for social development and economic growth", says Tom Visser, Managing Director at CINOP Global. "Adequate training in practical and technical skills is the most important challenge in TVET development in many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America."
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All over the world
CINOP Global carries out various projects concerning the improvement of TVET in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Rwanda, Colombia, Bhutan and Afghanistan.
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